Decoding 6 Secrets and techniques For Good Psychological Wellbeing

The interest of detox is to open your consciousness to what you eat and how you eat it. It’s the perfect time to contact and follow your eating rhythm, to eat slowly and take the time to chew. Just by putting these tips in place, you will start to feel your energy go up.


  1. Lightening : It consists in identifying all the sources of overloads in your diet and eliminating them over several days by replacing them with food of organic quality if this is not already the case and in a quantity adapted to your needs.
  2. The monodiet: It consists in consuming a single family of food for 1 to 3 days. The interest being to lighten the digestion process by simplifying it. Mixing food categories complicates digestion since all foods are not digested in the same place of the body. The digestion of carbohydrates for example starts in the mouth thanks to salivary enzymes to finish their degradation in the intestines. Proteins are digested in the stomach in an acid environment … Digestion produces metabolic waste from the breakdown of food. We understand better here the advantage of consuming quality food which generates less waste and therefore places less stress on the body. Like toxins, this waste must be eliminated so as not to overload the body. We will opt here for seasonal fruits, vegetables or cereals.
  3. Water fasting : It consists of consuming broths, herbal teas and water for 1 to 3 days. This approach is not suitable for everyone. So it is good to listen to yourself to choose the most benevolent way for you to set up a detox.

There are no better options than the one that suits us the most because it is practical and suitable for you. Some people do not consider fasting because they could compare it to deprivation. There is no problem. The intention is to do good to your body and your head, not to abuse them.


Act on its environment : It is the most difficult but it is possible to anticipate a detox of 1 day by minimizing the places where we know the most present pollution. Perhaps the opportunity to go green for a stroll in nature to get out of the city if you live there. It is often the site of multiple pollutions: air pollution, noise pollution, visual pollution, waves … If you organize yourself sufficiently in advance, you can certainly plan outdoor activities far from the urban frenzy!

Act on your habits : It is good to break the time of the detox with your daily habits if these do not promote your rest. Adopt rituals that will bring you sweetness and serenity: a bath, a yoga practice, meditation, a quiet time, reading, gardening, painting … all the activities that invite you to be present to yourself, to relate to yourself. This is the perfect time to initiate the modern cure of “digital detox”: no tablet, no TV, no smartphone.

Act on your diet: Now that the context in which your detox will take place is specified, it is good to treat your diet by starting with the elimination of certain foods that are not favorable to the elimination of toxins because they contribute in their major part to their production! So here is the list of foods to remove time from your detox. If you opt for a reduction, this list will be your food guide. Whether you have chosen to devote 1, 2, or 3 days to it, it is advisable to eliminate them a few days before D-Day, these are refined sugars to which we will prefer the heat of the spices and the sweetness of the fruits, honey or agave syrup; sweet snacks (chocolate bar type) which will be replaced by fresh fruit or dried nuts such as almonds; animal proteins (meats, fish) that we would like to replace with vegetable proteins: legumes, algae, soy…; olive oil will be preferred to butter and exit intense, long cooking and fried foods, welcome to steam cooking. Finally, alcohol and sugary drinks will be excluded, preferring water and herbal teas. We will favor plates rich in vegetables and colorful!

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