7 Fun Things To Do On A Mountain Retreat

7 Fun Things To Do On A Mountain Retreat

The idea of what “fun” means today has really turned heads in 2020. However, few people are likely to put a mountain retreat on their list of fun things to do. Mountains are great for photo backgrounds and extreme sports enthusiasts, but why the hell would someone go to the mountains for fun?

But this year has not been like another year, and we all define things in our lives a little differently. This certainly includes our leisure activities, as many of us are stuck at home. Now that the world is starting to collectively breathe a sigh of relief, maybe it’s time to step outside, even a little.

What will you do? You always want to be safe and keep your distance from others. Where can you do it better? Two words – mountain retreat. In fact, many outdoor activities have seen an exponential increase in popularity over the past 6-9 months. People want to go out and “be”, but they want to do it responsibly. Parks and wildlife departments across the country are working overtime to meet demand.

And why shouldn’t mountain retreats and other “outdoor” recreational adventures be popular? We cleaned all the surfaces of our homes and sorted our shelves by color, gender, or author’s name. Stepping out into the wide-open field is the kind of change of scenery that is absolutely necessary for our sanity.

But you still have questions. Are there things to do for the whole family? What is the diversity of activities? Am I going to be in the middle of nowhere? There’s a lot to consider, and as limited as our 2020 trips were, the last thing you want to do is book a trip that will end up being a huge failure.

If a mountain retreat sounds like a welcome change of pace, here are a few things to do during your stay:

Take a walk – don’t think of it as exercise. Surfing the local hiking trails is a great way to get your body moving. It’s also a great way to build a healthy appetite and get rid of the occasional travel grid that comes with it.

Ride a bike — Aside from growing parking service reserves, bike sales were crazy in 2020! More and more people are opting for two-wheeled transport, which combines the discovery of the great outdoors and exercises. The added challenge of riding your bike over rough terrain can take your bike to new heights.

Reeling One In — Few things in life are as relaxing as fishing. Even though you didn’t catch anything, you had a great time. Add to the experience by throwing your leash into the clear mountain water.

Hit the slopes — you have to go skiing when you’re in the mountains, right? It’s winter and maybe the best time to get the best snow. Go radical with a little snowboarding and if you’re still looking for that extra octane rating, check out the snowmobile options available. Take classes when you’re a newbie or just relax and watch.

Leave your hotel – we’re all a little to blame, but don’t stay home. Bundle up and take a look at the city you’re in. Most of the hill towns are small and easily accessible on foot. Get to know the area, connect with locals, meet and support small businesses.

Day Trips — A little research will reveal many day trips that are worth visiting.

Community — One of the funniest things to do on a mountain retreat looks at what’s going on locally. Visit the chamber of commerce or the visitors’ office for more information on the exciting things to do in the city. Whether it’s concerts, festivals, or even cooking contests, being one with the people around you can be a good thing.

2020 was ONE YEAR, but that might be exactly why a mountain retreat would be such a great and fun trip for the whole family. When the world sees hope on the horizon given our current situation, it’s good to know that trips like this may be within our grasp again.

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